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Troubleshooting Klik and play

Issue: Cannot install to Windows (or cannot install file to system)

Solution: KNP requires access to the C drive and system folders, retry with full administrator account. See our Guide to Installing KNP. KNP usually runs on most 16 and 32bit Windows OS (Windows 95 to Windows Vista/7)


Issue: Klik N Play crashes on start with DLL error message

Solution: Download DLL components and copy DLL files to C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32


Issue: Missing DLL files or components...

Solution: Download DLL files Now


Issue: Cannot save files/games (*.gam) to disk.

Solution: Run Disk CleanUp and ensure full control to destination drive e.g. C drive


Issue: More Sound, Graphics, Sprite collections?

Solution: visit KNP Korner etc Note: Library files are usually *.gam, Sounds are often *.midi. (you may need to extract the files before moving them to the KNP directory)


Note: KNP doesn't work on 64bit systems. There is no 64bit version of KNP (nor is there a MacOS version that we're aware of) and it doesn't work individually on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. A possible workaround maybe to install a virtual OS environment (VirtualBox/Windows XP mode etc.) and run KNP inside... See our Video Tutorial