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Introduction to Klik and Play

KNP on Win8 with Virtual box

VirtualBox www.virtualbox.org (you will need to have your own Windows XP CD or Disk Image)

Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 www.windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/install-and-use-windows-xp-mode-in-windows-7

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Is there a version for MAC? - No (not that we're aware of)

KNP on Windows 7? - Runs standalone on some 32bit PCs or on Virtual PC with XP

Does KNP run on Windows 8 or Windows 10 etc? - No. (Try using a Virtual PC with XP)

Does KNP run on 64bit PCs? - No. (Try using a Virtual PC with XP)

How to extract the zip files? - Use the inbuilt Windows ZIP extraction tool or 7-Zip.